All the IT services you need to help you drive your business forward

IT support with over 90% end-user satisfaction

With a high quality managed IT service in place preventing and quickly resolving IT issues, staff are happier and more productive. The future is planned for, and business growth is accelerated.

Our managed service is:

  • Proactive
  • Cost-effective
  • Strategy-driven

Disaster Recovery - a lifeline in nightmare situations

Our disaster recovery solution can enable your business to survive almost anything.

It really lets you sleep well at night:

  • Backups of entire servers, multiple times a day, automatically without slowing anything down
  • Backups copied securely to a datacentre
  • Backups automatically tested to ensure they are ready to use for recovery
  • Ability to recover individual files instantly, or restore an entire server
  • Bring a server online virtually, even if the original hardware is destroyed

Cloud services which reduce costs and increase productivity

Our c-stream cloud services may be the edge you've been looking for. Set us a challenge to find efficiencies for your business. We'll be glad to rise to it!

The c-stream range includes cloud services covering:

  • Email
  • Backup
  • Antivirus