iasme certificate

After recent assessment, Clark Integrated Technologies is delighted to become the first IT company north of Edinburgh to be Accredited to Certify companies for Cyber Essentials – Security Audits and Certify clients to the IASME Gold Security standards.

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Telecommunications are at the heart of modern business transactions; the evolution of telecoms has allowed all sizes of business to reach marketplaces which would have been unfeasible generations before. An independent jewellery artist can now produce bespoke pieces of jewellery on a farm in Nantwich, custom ordered and ready to deliver to a skyscraper in Tokyo within a few days. Our world is getting smaller and more accessible every day and businesses are able to reach wider audiences simultaneously. This is mostly thanks to the Internet, but in order to connect to and use the World Wide Web businesses and consumers need to have sufficient capability in their Telecoms. In Aberdeenshire and other remote areas of the UK, reliable, high-speed fixed line telecoms are more difficult to acquire. What options are available?

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